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[ Official ] Seo In Young's new single '편해졌니' is released today (31st) at noon, hoping to bring comfort to listeners with her song
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2018-10-31 18:59:56

[ Official ] Seo In Young's new single '편해졌니' is released today (31st) at noon, hoping to bring comfort to listeners with her song

- The soundtrack and MV of Seo In Young's new song '편해졌니' is released at noon on the 31st...the lyrics of the title song '편해졌니' is written by Kim Eana

- The new ballad songs '편해졌니' and 'Always' of Seo In Young, is released on various online music sites on the 31st at noon


The new song '편해졌니' of singer Seo In Young is a song that about the feelings of separation which listeners can relate to.


Seo In Young's agency Soribada announced on the 31st that Seo In Young will release her soundtrack and music video through various online music sites today at noon.


Seo In Young's new single '편해졌니' is a pop ballad with a sentimental melody and lyrics that can be related by everyone. The song starts off with the sound of piano and ends off with a full-session sound, and the main highlight of the song is that it did not incorporate a variety of melody so as to stand out the sweet vocal of Seo In Young.


In particular, the lyrics of '편해졌니' is written by star lyricist Kim Eana, illustrating the sorrowful feeling of a separation through realistic and yet delicate lyrics.


'Always', a song which is recorded in the album with the title song, is a song which show off the sentimental acoustic piano sound and the sweet and soft vocal of Seo In Young. The song is a memorable song which tells the moment whereby hesitation and recklessness intersect.


The sophisticated melody of the new song '편해졌니' and 'Always' is expected to add on to the outstanding singing ability and the restrained expressiveness of Seo In-young, these ballad songs which matches the atmosphere of the autumn, are expected to captivate the listeners.


Seo In Young says "I thought of my past lover when I was doing the recording, and although I was heartbroken, I received lots of comfort too. It will be great if listeners can remember memories of their relationship and get comfort with the song. I hope that this song can be a song which listeners can listen to with a comfortable feeling and that they are able to sing along with the song."


Ballad songs of Seo In Young such as 'Written As Love, Sung As Pain', 'Let's Break Up', and her recently released song 'Close Your Eyes' are songs that touched the emotions and well-loved by listeners. She has established herself as a vocalist with unique performance through her songs that combined music with popular appeal.


Seo In Young's new single '편해졌니' was released on the various online music sites on the 31st at noon.


[ Source of photo: Soribada ]

[ 公告 ] 徐仁英的新单曲'편해졌니'于今天(31)的中午发行, 希望通过歌曲给予听众安慰


-徐仁英的新抒情歌曲曲'편해졌니''Always', 31日的中午, 通过各个在线音乐网发行




徐仁英但经纪公司Soribada31日宣布徐仁英将在今天中午, 通过各个在线音乐网发行她的音源和音乐录影带。


徐仁英的新单曲'편해졌니'是一首充满感性旋律的抒情歌曲并拥有让所有人能够产生共鸣的歌词。 这首歌的是由钢琴伴奏为开始,以完整声音为结束, 加上这首歌曲的重点是为了突现徐仁英甜美的歌手, 所有没有编入多姿多彩的编曲。


这首歌曲'편해졌니'的歌词是有知名作词家金伊娜所写, 以既现实又细致的歌词描述着离别之后的悲伤情感。


与主打歌一起收录的歌曲'Always'是一首感性的原创钢琴和能够突现徐仁英柔和声音的歌曲, 描述了犹豫和沉寂交错的瞬间, 是一首印象深刻的歌曲。


新歌'편해졌니''Always'干练的旋律, 加上徐仁英卓越的唱歌能力和节制的表现力, 预计将以适合凄凉的秋季氛围的感性抒情曲抓住听众的心。


徐仁英说: "我在录音的时候想起了旧爱, 虽然心痛, 但也获得了很多安慰。希望各位听众在听到我的歌曲后, 也能够回忆起爱情的回忆, 也希望大家能给予一些安慰, 也希望这首歌能成为听众们舒服地听并跟着唱的那种歌曲"


徐仁英的抒情歌曲例如'写作爱情 叫做伤痛', '分手吧', 和最近发行的歌曲'闭上眼睛', 都感动人心并受到听众的喜爱。 她的歌曲综合了大众性, 为自己建立了'带有独特表演的歌手'的称号。


徐仁英的新单曲'편해졌니'31日的中午, 通过各个在线音乐网发行。


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